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DDE issue resolved
November 01, 2023
DDE is now working after the most recent update by FISS system. Igea Software (by Careficient)
Issue accessing HHC
December 11, 2023
Trouble shooting HHC message. "You cannot start application HHC from this location because it is already installed from a different location." Go to control panel > uninstall a program > select Igea HHC and “remove the application from this computer”. Go back to myigea.com and sign in and access HHC again.
Important UPDATE for Igea HHC (Framework 4.8 version)
October 30, 2023
A new Igea HHC version is planned to be released next Wednesday December 6th (after working hours). For this new version it is required that all computers running Igea HHC to have installed the .NET Framework 4.8 version (at least), otherwise Igea HHC might not be able to run on the computer.
New in this Igea & iPOC version 5.139.10
September 21, 2023
New and discontinued ICD10 codes effective October 1st 2023 - PDGM Grouper update - Caregiver "Listings" report export to CSV
Why Your Agency Should Seek Accreditation
February 19, 2019
The process of becoming accredited is an involved one, and requires a great deal of work. While the entire process and everything you need to know is complex, if you are thinking about accreditation for your agency then these basic points will help get you started down that path, or find out if it's indeed right for you.
Electronic Visit Verification through GPS or Telephony